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Gaming Console Repair Services San Leandro, CA

Efx Gaming Console Repair Services shop in San Leandro, CA is one of the leading game console repair shops in town that offers a wide variety of services to its customers including video game console repairs, game saves, and game controller repair.

Why Us

We offer a warranty on all repairs- if something goes wrong with the repair within that time frame, we will fix it for free! At Efx video game repair shop we pride ourselves on being experts in the field with high success rates for all sorts of different issues so you can rest assured your gaming system is in good hands.

With years of experience under our belt, we know how to fix game consoles or any problem you're having so you can get back to gaming as soon as possible. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about the repair process and we also offer a warranty on all game system repairs so you can have peace of mind after your device leaves their hands.

What We Offer

If you are in need of places that fix game systems in the San Leandro, CA area? Look no further than Efx Gaming Console Repair Services!

Efx Gaming Console Repair Services offers the following services:

  • cleaning and replacement of thermal paste
  • diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • repairs (including but not limited to HDMI port replacement, disc drive replacement, and controller port replacement)
  • software updates
  • Affordable prices so you can get your repair without breaking the bank
  • performance modifications and aesthetic modifications

We also offer a variety of protection plans to keep your gaming console safe from damage. These include:

  • damage coverage for up to two years
  • priority service
  • 24/7 customer support

Issues we can handle at Efx video game repair San Leandro, CA

  • One of the most common issues we see is consoles that overheat. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including dust buildup, improper ventilation, or even just simply using your console for too long without taking a break. Regardless of the cause, we can clean out your console and replace any parts that may have been damaged by the overheating.
  • Another common issue is hardware damage. This can be anything from a cracked screen to water damage. If you've accidentally dropped your console or it's been exposed to water, bring it to us and we'll assess the damage and give you an estimate for the repair. In some cases, the damage may be too severe and you may need to purchase a new console. However, we will always do our best to save your current console if at all possible.
  • We also offer software repairs. If your console isn't responding properly or games are lagging, we can take a look and see if there are any software updates that need to be installed or if there are any other issues that need to be addressed.

No matter what your gaming console needs, Efx Gaming Console Repair Services has you covered! So stop looking around for places that fix game consoles, give us a call today or stop by our shop for console repair in San Leandro, CA to learn more about our services.

Gaming console issues

Frequently Asked Questions

  • where can I take my Xbox 360 for repair
    If your Xbox 360 game console is in need of repair, you have a few options. You can send it back to the manufacturer, or search on the net for a game console repair near me.
    Efx is the best place to take your Xbox 360 for repair. We are a game console repair shop that specializes in Xbox 360 repairs. We also have a highly trained and experienced staff that can fix any problem you may be having with your Xbox 360.
  • does Efx repair ps4?
    yes, Efx does repair ps4. We are a well-known and respected company in the gaming industry and have been repairing gaming consoles for years.
  • Does Efx repair Wii consoles
    yes, Efx does repair Wii consoles. We are a professional company that specializes in the repair of game consoles. If you have a Wii console that needs repairs, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.